Frequently Asked Questions

I don't see where I can leave my email to be notified when suits are back.
If you don't see "Email me when Theticksuits are available," please check your browser. Shopify may not function completely on all browsers.
Will the suits shrink?
The suits are pre-shrunk and should not shrink further.
Do we have  Women's  XL?
We do not have a Women's XL yet. Please order Men's size with appropriate height.
Do the suits have pockets
We have added two pockets in all suits.
What colors are available?
The new versions are now available in white for both men and women. The men's suit has a green zipper and the women's has a blue zipper.

How do I wear TheTickSuit?                                                                                Let me count the ways.  At 5’6” (well really now maybe 5’5 1/2” on a good day) and 140 pounds (well maybe 140 on a good day), one of our team wears a women’s medium. Except when her woman’s medium is dirty and she wears an old original small men’s suit (no pockets). And she is very happy in either – just glad to have a suit. What about socks inside or over the stirrups? Well, she prefers socks over the stirrups, then the stirrups stay nicely in place when she pulls on shoes or boots. She removes the suit outside and puts it in the canvas bag and leaves it outside until she is ready to wash or dry it.

What kind of gardening is it good for?                                                              One of our team (yes the one who was formerly 5'6") says she would use it for all gardening but her flower garden is decimated by deer. Or rabbits. Her main activity is waging war against invasive plants – bittersweet, Japanese knotweed, garlic mustard. And the invasive plants battle each other and the winner is…mile-a-minute. Now she can join the battle and pull vines without fear of creatures crawling between her shirt and pants or down the back of her neck. But if you are lucky, and have a beautiful flower or vegetable garden, the suit is still for you. Ticks are everywhere.

Does the suit completely block ticks?                                                              Let’s be honest – tenatious critters can get in anywhere, but we believe this will give them pause. While developing the suit, we spoke to an entomologist and former Senior Museum Specialist at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. He basically said no fabric will completely block ticks unless it’s shiny plastic or dusty - they can climb on anything. Well, you can't garden in plastic. We believe the fabric will deter them and reduce their ability to get to you. Even better, treat TheTickSuit with permethrin – we do.

Are ticks attracted to white clothing?
Ticks don't care about the color of your clothing. This has actually been studied. They are attracted by your smell (carbon dioxide, ammonia, or other body odors), body heat, moisture, vibration, or shadow. White or light colors are recommended to help you see any ticks that may attach.
Do we have plus sizes?
We hope to have plus sizes in the spring.