Our Product

TheTickSuit is 100% organic pre washed cotton. Wear it over light clothes. It’s tough and you can wash and dry it over and over. It’s one piece, so your shirt and pants don’t separate as you bend over. If you want, add a chemical barrier by spraying your suit with permethrin or another insecticide.

Easy on Easy off
When you’re done, unzip and remove the suit outside without having to pull anything over your head. Put the suit in TheTickSuit bag supplied with the suit and throw the bag and suit in the washer or dryer to keep the ticks out of your house. Wash and then dry for ~1 hour to insure that any hidden ticks are dessicated. Alternatively, just dry the suit for ~ 15 minutes to kill any hidden ticks.

Sleeves stay in place as you put on your gardening gloves or work in the weeds. The thumbhole fabric wicks moisture, reducing sweat.

Reinforced knees
The knees are reinforced so you can kneel without worry. Again and again and again.
The suits have two pockets for your cell phone or other items. 
Foot Stirrups

The legs stay in place as you put on your shoes or boots. Bend your knees and the legs won’t climb. Wear your socks under or over the stirrups.

You don’t want those creatures crawling down the back of your neck. The hood protects your scalp and neck as you bend under tall plants or bushes.

Too sunny? Want to wear a sunhat? Unzip the hood and remove for future use.